Make One Change, easy! Sustain the change… not so easy!

Making a Change to improve your business performance can be fairly simple.

Sustaining the Change is where the challenge comes in.

Too often a business owner or manager will identify a change that is needed, analyze how to best affect that change, go through the needed process to implement the change, but allow it to fade away.

It is true that not all changes end up providing improvement for the business and they should be set aside. That’s not what we are talking about.

We are talking about the many changes that would have had a positive impact on the future of the business but were not sustained.

If you give it some thought you will probably recall a few of these types of changes that you have made and you will ask yourself What Happened? Why didn’t they stick?

Coming up with the ideas for change that will improve your business can be fairly easy, at least in most Salons & Spas there is always room for improvement. Creating the plan to affect the change and implement the change can also go smoothly.

Sustaining the change is where it gets challenging. As prior Salon and Spa owners, each one of our coaches completely understand how hard it can be to sustain the change. We have processes and systems that we teach our clients that support them through the process of sustaining positive changes in their business.

Give us a call and let’s talk about the changes you want to implement and sustain to move your business to a higher level of success. It is our passion to help you grow and prosper!